MyNetDiary and Nike – integrate your diet and exercise

MyNetDiary online and mobile diet program allows you to lose weight by tracking your food calories with the best nutrition database in the world. MyNetDiary estimates your activity calories if you enter activity type and duration.

Nike trackers use an accelerometer to measure your activities automatically.

After linking MyNetDiary with Nike, you will see activity calories and daily step count calculated by Nike in MyNetDiary. We highly recommend using Nike for activity tracking while achieving sustainable weight loss with MyNetDiary.

How linking works?

Nike devices measure your activity and transfer the activity data to Nike+ website. MyNetDiary stores your food entries logged online or via mobile apps. By creating a link, you authorize MyNetDiary website to call Nike website and load Exercise burned calories from Nike to MyNetDiary.

Your data is transferred one-way after linking: Nike activities are uploaded to MyNetDiary.

You should have MyNetDiary Maximum account in order to link with Nike.

Step 1: Set up Nike

Please set up your Nike account and device as explained at Nike website.

Verify Nike setup.

Step 2: Start linking at MyNetDiary

At MyNetDiary website go to Account Nike page, enter your Nike+ login email and password then click “Link to Nike” button.

Step 3: See MyNetDiary and Nike+ linked

After after setup, you will see MyNetDiary website with message indicating that "You have linked MyNetDiary to Nike".

Exchange details

What happens after I link?

After you link to Nike, MyNetDiary performs automatic exchange once a day or within several minutes after you enter foods in MyNetDiary, one exchange per hour. In case you do not log foods in MyNetDiary for 10 contiguous days, MyNetDiary stops exchanging your data with Nike. When you start logging foods, MyNetDiary resumes Nike exchanges.

If you want to expedite exchange of today's data, go to Account Nike page and click on Verify link.

MyNetDiary exchanges last 3 days worth of data after the link is established or restored.

Nike exercise calories

Nike data download creates "Nike exercise" entry at MyNetDiary Exercise tab, which are the same as you see at Nike+ web site.

We recommend setting MyNetDiary Activity Level to Sedentary, since only the calories above the Sedentary level are tracked by "Nike exercise" daily entry.

Nike tracker counts daily steps. MyNetDiary downloads Daily Step Count measurement from Nike. In order to see the downloaded Daily Step Count measurement in MyNetDiary, go to MyNetDiary Daily Details page, click “Select Measurements to Track” link and check "Daily Step Count" measurement.

Catching up on last several days

If you want to expedite Nike data loading for the last 3 days, please, click Verify Link at Nike settings page.

Unlinking Nike

You can terminate Nike link at Account Nike page.