MyNetDiary Running - GPS Tracking Streamlined

iPhone GPS Tracker App for running, walking, cycling



Nice and Easy App

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MyNetDiary Running is for regular people who want to become active - running, walking, or cycling and lose some weight. It's not designed for professional athletes who need many options and sophisticated features. The app has exactly what you need, without many bells and whistles, making it simple and effective for you! Nice and easy, with large buttons and displays, it's a pleasure to use.

MyNetDiary Running keeps your stats and notifies you about your achievements, to motivate you for new personal records. You can also share your achievements with your friends, for support and motivation!

Supports running, walking, cycling, hiking, and skiing - all in one app!

Syncs with MyNetDiary Online and Apps

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If you already use MyNetDiary, this is the running app for you! The app calculates calories burned during your activity and automatically sends them to your MyNetDiary account, so they will show up and will be included into your daily calorie balance online and in all mobile apps.

The app pulls your today's stats from MyNetDiary and shows them at the top of the Home screen: food calories and left food calories, today's exercise calories, and total calories remaining for the day.

If you are over the budget today, just get moving - burn those extra calories with the Running app!

Built-in Music Player

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No need to switch to another app for music control - simply swipe to the Music screen to move to another track or to select a different playlist.

If you turned on audio notifications, the app will lower music volume during notifications.

Maps and Routes

iPhone GPS maps

You can track your route and see your current position on the built-in map screen. Swipe right or use the "Map" button to see it.

The map could be pulled to full screen, or take half screen, leaving space for your current stats.

You can also review your past routes and maps on the Statistics screen.

All the Necessities

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While simple, MyNetDiary Running includes the features you really need:

  • Displays time, distance, current pace, speed, and calories burned.
  • Audio-announcements based on time and distance.
  • Auto-pause - if you stop running to take a call.
  • U.S. and metric units supported.
  • Built-in lock screen to view current stats while running without accidental taps.
  • Manual activity entry - if you ran or walked on a treadmill.