Live Success Story of Mnbjayhawk: 24 lb lost

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Weight chart

Weight Plan

  • Start weight: 171.8lbs on 01/16/13
  • Current weight: 147.4lbs
  • Weight gain wanted: ¾oz
  • Timeframe: 9 months and 18 days

Personal details

  • Gender: female
  • Age: 31
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Activity level: Low Active

About me

Current goal: Getting down to 135 this year. working on toning my stomach, arms and thighs. Wearing a size 4/6 right now and loving it! I finally do not have a goal to get to a smaller size!
I also dream of a day when I can wear a bikini...
Favorite diets: Diets don't work
Favorite activities: Running, Zumba, Soccer, Insanity
Need help with: Staying away from crackers... Currently off them cold turkey. They are my biggest weakness
Geographic area: Oklahoma City
More info: 2011: 225 to 215
2012: 215 to 175
2013: 175 to 145

I remember seeing all those weight loss commercials and thinking they were fake because the people didn't look like the same person. Now I am I one of them!
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