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Hello, I am fasting from sunrise to sundown for Ramadan and I just wanted to know the effects this has on my weight loss. Is dividing my calories into different meals throughout the day different from eating one big meal when I break my fast? (+1000 calories). I only eat one meal per day unlike other days when I'm not fasting, and I go to the gym for a little over an hour before I break my fast. Will this change anything?

Hi U1193953746 ,
You ask a great question. In general, it's your overall calorie intake that will make the biggest difference in your weight loss, not how your calories are divided. However, there is some research indicating that we may be a bit more efficient at burning our food calories earlier in the day.
You may notice you may not be able to work out as intensely after you've been fasting all day. It is also possible you notice your weight in the morning runs a bit higher, given that you ate a larger meal more recently.

Wishing you all the best in your journey!
MyNetDiary Dietitian

Hi Sue,
Thank you for your answer.
So from what I understand, as long as I am meeting my calorie deficit, it doesn't matter if I eat it all at once or during different periods?
And one more question, when is it considered a new day to start logging your meals? I have quite the weird sleep schedule because of university and work so should I start logging for the new day after I wake up from sleep or when I'm sure that all of the previous food I've consumed was digested?


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