What to do with the foods you no longer eat? Topic

In relation to a recent MyNetDiary blog topic, use this forum to discuss what you can do with all the foods you no longer eat. Also, where you land in the discussion of donating to a local food bank, or not?

I no longer eat rice, potatoes, or pasta, but my high school age children and husband do still eat them. They do try my alternatives and sometimes that is a success, but they are not giving up the carbs.

I am using up everything but would absolutely donate anything I wasn't going to consume. Wasting food when people go hungry...just seems wrong, KWIM?

I'm either working the foods into my menus and making them 'better' choices by adding them to veggies etc as a combined recipe or giving them to people with teenagers. Active teens can really shift the kj's.

When I started this weight-loss program, I put foods I did not want to eat any more into the food bank barrel at church, or the composter in the back yard, depending on the state of the package. The list included fruit canned in syrup (food bank), canned juices (food bank), and maple walnut fudge (composter). The exception was a box of Christmas cookies, which I put in my husband's lunch until they were all gone.

There are two types of garbage disposal: the trash or my mouth. I should not feel bad tossing them in the trash. That's better than the alternative.

Tough call...

We threw a lot away, but because it had preservatives, etc in it. The other things were consumed by another individual in the household. I do not buy anything now that is no "ok" on my new lifestyle. If I am going to have a few chips or sweets, it will be when I am out and it does not come in the house. My husband is a sweets person, but he has done really well at giving most of it up. This is tough....

I didn't throw any thing away. Like HollyP other individuals in the house ate the foods I was no longer interested in. I have a teenage son so I still have treats in the house... I just also make sure there's plenty of healthy options for me so I'm not tempted.

I share your concern about wasting food. But food eaten to excess is also wasted, just piling up as excess fat. I like the suggestions about about giving away what you can, (and what food banks will accept), and using the compost pile as a destination for the rest. Food that has been composted, like that Maple Walnut fudge mentioned in an earlier post, will enrich the decomposers in the soil and will make the soil more nutrient rich, so that the leafy green vegetables you plant and harvest their in the future will enrich your diet and strengthen you body!

What to do with the foods you no longer eat?