Down a belt hole!!! Topic

Now I know it may seem trivial, but since loosing weight, I've never really measured my success by weight loss quite as much as the smile on my gave when I put my belt on this morning and could go one hole to the right!!

Small thing for sure, but huge success in my book!!

Scales can lie but belt notches are pretty direct evidence of your hard work! Well done!

I remember slowly ticking off the belt notches and eventually drilling a new one into my smallest belt. None of my pants fit, so it was a necessary bit of amateur leather-working. Now I have all new belts, but still hang on to that belt with the homemade notch.

It's not at all trivial. Your weight loss journey will be a series of small successes and the more you take notice of them, the more steadfast in your goal you will become. I'm glad to see that you are progressing so well!


Good for you, each belt hole is one massive step towards your goal

Down a belt hole!!!