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We are pleased to announce Meal Planner feature of MyNetDiary web app. The meal plans created by our Registered Dietitian let you take advantage of the wide variety of healthy food choices at every meal, with unique menus, recipes and ingredients that meet the tastes and needs of MyNetDiary community.
If you would like to participate in beta-testing, please send us an email to , include "meal plan" words in the subject and provide your username.

-- MyNetDiary Team

TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) meal plan is recommended and used by both the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association to help people lose weight, improve blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. Meals and snacks are carb-controlled but not "low carb." MyNetDiary TLC meal plan is special - our dietitian/diabetes educator has emphasized specific "Mediterranean style" foods to further boost the heart healthy qualities of this meal plan. Consider this a "TLC meets Mediterranean" meal plan.

Paleo/Primal meal plan helps people lose weight without hunger, promotes an emphasis on unprocessed or minimally processed foods, encourages a generous intake of non-starchy vegetables, avoids many common food allergens, and the food tastes great. Paleo meal plan eliminates all grains and legumes, it is also dairy-free. Satiety is derived from quality fat intake including coconut oil/products, nuts/seeds and grain-fed meats. Whole foods, nothing heavily processed.

Meal Planner (BETA-version) if available to everyone now. Meal Planning will become a paid module once BETA-testing is complete. Please send us your feedback at
-- MyNetDiary Team

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Meal Planner BETA testing