31 January 2013 Super Bowl Snack Facts

This Sunday is the "Big Game" between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, and it is estimated that at least half of the entire U.S. population will watch at least part of the game – that's over 155 million people! And what do most people do while watching the Super Bowl – they eat! Instead of posting a list of healthy snack swaps or recipes for low-fat dips, here is some "snack facts" to put it all in perspective. With MyNetDiary, you really do have the freedom to eat what you want; just in moderation and with accountability.

29 January 2013 Happy National Vitamin Day!

Today is National Vitamin Day, and whether you are a diligent vitamin taker or are thinking about starting a vitamin regiment, here are a few good reminders about what vitamins can and can't do for us.

22 January 2013 I love eggs

I love eggs! They are inexpensive and nutritious. One large cooked egg (50 grams) contains about 80 calories and 6 grams of protein. It is also an excellent source of other nutrients that we need in our diet - vitamin B12, choline, riboflavin, and selenium.


Sometimes shorter is sweeter. We pulled together this collection of inspirational images from Pinterest.

15 January 2013 New to Calories Tracking?

This is the time of year when many folks decide to make a New Year's Resolution to lose weight. If you have decided to track intake and activity, then good for you – it is an effective tool for weight control. This post will help you track more effectively and accurately, especially if you are using MyNetDiary mobile apps or web program.

10 January 2013 Creative Fitness Trends for 2013

Ready to put your resolutions to the test? Here is a rundown of some of the more creative fitness trends you will probably come across in 2013. Many of these are now available at the local gym or making their way around the country. How many of them have you tried?

8 January 2013 Can a High Protein Meal Plan Help You Lose Weight?

Yes! Many of you trying to lose weight might have already noticed that when you consume high protein meals, you have an easier time sticking to your target calories for weight loss. Of interest, a research team from the Netherlands (Martens, Lemmens, and Westererp-Plantenga) just published a nifty study that showed people consume fewer calories when their protein intake rises.

4 January 2013 What to Look for in a Personal Trainer?

Perhaps you've decided to hire a personal trainer for 2013, but what does a good personal trainer look like? Lean, mean, and carries a bullhorn? Not always. Here's a list of qualifications you should look for in a personal trainer.

1 January 2013 Happy New Year!

We wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year! Here's to a new year with you at the reins. And as always, MyNetDiary is here to help you meet your health goals.

Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.

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