30 January 2014 Coconut Fat: Miracle or Marketing Hype?

Coconut oil is being promoted as a healthy miracle cure, but so far there is little evidence for the claims.

28 January 2014 MyNetDiary VS. MyFitnessPal

The New York Times thinks MyNetDiary is “friendlier” than MyFitnessPal. Find out why.

23 January 2014 Do You Manage Your Diabetes Digitally?

Should you use a diabetes app for managing diabetes? Find out why you definitely should, but how few people are.

21 January 2014 Want to Lose Weight? Start with Five Simple Steps

Five steps are identified and described to help you get started with weight loss or to help kick start a stalled effort.

16 January 2014 What to Do With All That Data

There is a lot of data connected to calorie and exercise tracking. Make sure you’re using it properly.

14 January 2014 Exercise is Medicine. Take the Weekly Challenge!

Exercise is medicine. Did you know that no current drug or medicine provides as many health benefits as a regular physical activity program? Take the weekly challenge and follow your prescription to exercise!

9 January 2014 A Grain of Salt: Information Overload with Diets

It’s always best to take all information with a grain of salt, especially when claims are made that seem too good to be true.

7 January 2014 Diabetes Diary: Not Enough Sleep Could Be Impairing Both Your Weight and Diabetes Control!

Not getting enough sleep could impair your ability to control your weight as well as your diabetes. What's going on?

3 January 2014 Is It Worth Setting Goals This Year?

New Year’s resolutions are common, but many people set goals and barely make it past week one. So is it still worth it to make them? Read on to find out.

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