30 July 2013 The Benefits of Proper Breathing During Exercise

Every breath you take while exercising can help you go further and do more, or add stress to your body, so make sure you are doing it right and you can realize greater results and improve weight loss.

25 July 2013 Jump Start Your Metabolism

Are you living a healthy lifestyle but still gaining weight? Here are a few step by The Tini Yogini, Sarah Stevenson, to jump start your metabolism.

23 July 2013 Artificial Sweeteners: Are They Helping or Hurting Your Diet?

The controversy about the link between artificial sweeteners, obesity and chronic disease risk continues with a new report suggesting these sweeteners are making it more likely you'll gain weight.

18 July 2013 Raising a Healthy Family

Want to raise a healthy family? Here are the three most important things we can do at home to help our kids being healthy.

16 July 2013 Walk Your Way to Fitness: Take the Two-Week Challenge!

Physical activity does not have to be complicated — start improving your health by walking today! Remember: No Matter How Slow You Go, You're Still Lapping Everybody on the Couch.

11 July 2013 How to Set Successful Weight Loss Goals

Are you struggling with your weight loss goals? Perhaps it’s all in how you approach it. Here’s how to be more successful setting your goals.

9 July 2013 Book Review: The Small Change Diet: 10 Steps to a Thinner You

If you are looking for a good summer read which supports your weight loss efforts, listen to Keri Gans share how to individualize her book to help you meet your personal weight loss goals.

4 July 2013 Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe, happy Independence Day from MyNetDiary!

2 July 2013 Diabetes Diary: Enjoying the 4th of July

Need some tips on how to control carbs and calories during the July 4th holiday? This blog post will cover the basics on damage control for the holiday. Post includes examples of higher and lower carb food and drink options.

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