31 March 2015 Calorie and Protein Requirements for Healing After Orthopedic Surgery

Leading a life filled with playing sports and being active offers many mental and physical rewards. Yet, the reality remains that sometimes an active lifestyle results in a physical injury.

26 March 2015 Women: Should PCOS Be on Your Radar Screen?

PCOS affects 1 in 10 women, and one of the common signs is resistance to weight loss.

24 March 2015 Vitamin A: Keep Your Eyes Out for It

If you want good vision (especially at night) as well as healthy skin and teeth, and optimal reproductive function, look for dietary vitamin A. In proper doses, other benefits of vitamin A include protection from infections and antioxidant power that could reduce risk of cancer and other age-related diseases. Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily will help you increase your vitamin A intake. Look for more intensely colored fruits and vegetables to maximize vitamin A content. Your eyes and skin will thank you for it.

20 March 2015 You're Going Paleo, But What Do You Do with That Old Food?

After you decide to change your eating habits you still need to do something with your “old” foods, but what? There are actually a lot of choices to make. Find out more!

12 March 2015 How to Navigate a Gluten Free Vacation

Even though I do not have celiac disease, I have chosen to eat gluten free (GF) for two weeks while my American friend, Debbi, who has celiac disease, is visiting me in Seville, Spain. For those of you who have felt restrained from traveling because of dietary restrictions, learn from the example of Debbi who just moved from Colorado to Scotland, how to live and enjoy traveling with these five GF traveling tips.

3 March 2015 Are you Asian American? Get Screened for Diabetes if Your BMI is over 23!

If you are Asian American, then get screened for diabetes if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 23 kg/m2. An elevated BMI is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, and the standard BMI cut point of 25 kg/m2 for the general population in the United States is too high for Asian Americans.

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