21 December 2012 12 Months of Healthy Habits

It's about to happen. Christmas is next week. New Year's the week after, and then we'll all be working toward our newly set resolutions. To help put us in the right frame of mind, here is a recap of a recent article published on CookingLight.com about 12 healthy habits you can make to get you through 2013 with better health. The idea is to devote yourself to improving one area of health or fitness for each month of the year. When next December rolls around, you will have (hopefully) mastered 12 new habits that will keep you fit and happy.


Eat More Fruits and Veggies. Try to work in at least three more servings of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Maybe it's adding one to breakfast and doubling up during dinner. Get creative.


Increase Your Aerobic Exercise. It's still winter so exercise is important to keep a healthy state of mind, as well as a healthy body. Work to increase your daily or weekly aerobic exercise tally. It could be adding 10 more minutes a day, or adding a whole new day to your current regimen.


Cook it Up. During this month, try to prepare at least three meals a week more than you already do. You'll likely need to be cooking (and freezing) more lunches and breakfasts to get this done.


Go Big on the Grains. Try to incorporate at least three servings of whole grains each day in April.


Breakfast Every Day. This month is when you commit to eating a healthy, balanced breakfast every day. Eating regularly is a great way to boost your metabolism.


Be Strong. It's summertime so time to get strong. Add at least two sessions of strength training to your weekly fitness regimen.


Healthy Fats. Don't make this month about snack crackers and deep-fried foods. Focus on swapping unhealthy fats for healthy ones.


Embrace Your Inner Vegetarian. Gardens and weekly markets are in full swing by now, making it easy to go vegetarian one day a week. Think "Meatless Monday," or something similar.


Something Fishy. If food sensitivities or allergies permit, cook fish or seafood for at least two dinners each week during the month.



Shake the Salt. Use this month to ease up on your sodium intake.


Cut the Size. This month is all about portion control. If it's on the unhealthy side, cut its portion at least once per meal.


Be Mindful and Thankful. This is the busy time of the year. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the food you eat and the company you keep.

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