Diet Dashboard

Dashboard summarizes you diary. It connects your diet log with your weight loss plan while providing analysis and advice on your diet. Tap anywhere for details and insights, you will be delighted.

Your Dashboard becomes more elaborate as you start tracking your diet and tuning your plan. Tap three dots ⋮ buttons to get to the details and customize dashboard parts.

Open any part of your diary with sandwich button ☰ located at the top-left corner.

Important Parts

Dashboard shows more details when you log more data. The main sections are highlighted below:

Day Navigation

There are many ways to navigate between days: go one day at a time or use calendar, tap, drag and swipe:

Notice that you can use MyNetDiary for planning your day by logging foods in advance, then tracking your actual food consumption.


Tap three dots ⋮ buttons on dashboard sections to see how you can customize them. Here are some of the customizations available:

You can track Blood Glucose and insulin on the dashboard: go to Settings screen and turn BG & Diabetes Tracking ON.

If you want to see metric units or kilojoules, turn them on at Settings screen.

More Tips

Check App Guide and review your personalized My Advice sections accessible via sandwich button ☰ always located at the top-left corner.

Be sure to read on Finding Foods - the most important MyNetDiary skill.