Nutrition Facts - Food Label

This interactive food label screen shows information from "Nutrition Facts" printed on packaging or published by food vendors via Internet. Tap on a nutrient value to learn more, start analysing and planning the nutrient in your diet.

Important: Always start reading food label by looking at the serving size. All the other facts on the label are based on this amount. When you log food, enter the amount you ate, MyNetDiary will recalculate the nutrients.

Focusing on Your Nutrients

MyNetDiary food labels can contain up to 40 nutrient values. Use SHOW NUTRIENTS option to choose a nutrient set you want to look at:

My Nutrients set includes every nutrient with “Show On Dashboard” or “Show In Food Log” setting on.

Food Score / Grade

Food Score indicates a food’s relative healthfulness compared to other similar foods. It is intended to help you make healthier selections within categories of foods (e.g. pick the healthier breakfast cereal).

Food Score is a single number calculated from multiple nutrient values found on Nutrition Facts. The higher is the Food Score, the better.

Food Grade is a letter representing Food Score range: A, B, C or D. Please read Food Score article for more details.

Nutrition Facts Percentages

Percentages on Nutrition Facts allow you to evaluate quickly whether a food is rich with a particular nutrient and compare percentages for different foods. MyNetDiary stores exact nutrient values and allows you to choose how percentages are calculated on Food Label:

Show % Daily Value

For example, 2 cups of Orange juice have 52 g of Total Carbs, which is 17% of standard Daily Value 300 g:

Show % Daily Value New Label

In May 2016 USDA updated food labeling standards. The “New Label” format redefines standard Daily Value for many nutrients. The same 52 g of Total Carbs should be labeled as 19% of New Standard Daily Value 275 g:

Show % of My Nutrient Target

MyNetDiary provides personalized nutrient recommendations and allows you to set personal nutrient targets. You can compare food's nutrient value to your personal target (or recommended value if target is not set). For example, a user sets personal daily target for Total Carbs 181g. When this user chooses third option called “Show % of My Nutrient Targets” food label evaluates 52 g of Total Carbs as 28% of target 181g:

Verifying Nutrition Facts

If you want to verify MyNetDiary Food Label against printed Nutrition Facts, make sure the serving is the same, then compare actual nutrient values, not percentages. If you do not have actual values for Vitamins & Minerals, select “Show % Daily Value” option and compare percentages.

Updating Foods

You can update Custom Food manually.

If you notice a problem with catalog food, you can submit PhotoFood or Restaurant Request.