MyNetDiary can help you log your foods and measurements consistently, reminding you if you missed logging some meal or measurement.

You can select time of day for each of the four meal types - when do you want to be reminded. If you haven't logged foods by that time, MyNetDiary will send you a reminder.

If you don't want to get reminders for some meal, you can delete reminder time for it.

MyNetDiary can also remind you about logging if you don't log for a few days.

The very first time you turn on reminders in the app, your phone should ask whether you allow notifications from MyNetDiary. Please allow notifications from MyNetDiary, otherwise you will not be getting reminders.

Advanced Reminders with MyNetDiary Premium

If you are a MyNetDiary Premium member, you can set many more reminders - for sleep, blood pressure, daily step count, even custom reminders!

Custom reminders can be used to remind you about something special - to exercise, to review your progress, to log water, and so on. You can select days to be reminded on and add a message for yourself to display in reminder.

If you need to keep track of your blood glucose, MyNetDiary D and MyNetDiary Premium users on the iPhone can set special BG reminders on the BG screen and even configure automatic prompts to set after meal test reminders.


If you are not getting reminders, you might have disallowed notifications earlier. Please go to your Android Settings app, then to the Notifications section and allow notifications from MyNetDiary. Also, if you re-installed MyNetDiary, you need to open meal reminders settings screen in MyNetDiary app to re-activate them.

If you stop using MyNetDiary for more than two weeks, MyNetDiary will stop sending you reminders until you resume using MyNetDiary.