Weight and Calories Chart

This chart shows how your actual body weight responded to your diet and exercise in the past. See your progress, dig into the details to investigate ups and downs or a plateau situation. Jump to your logged data and MyNetDiary's analysis, come back to see the big picture.

Check out the videos below, notice that purple rings represent fingers touching the screen:

Touch for Details

Touch any part of the chart to see the details at the bottom: weigh-ins, calorie analysis, progress highlights etc.

You can dismiss the bottom details by swiping them left or down.

Long Touch and Drag for Fast Details

Long touch, then drag left or right to see daily details while “scrubbing” through the period.

Notice that long touch means "tap and hold for half-second", which starts scrubbing the data. Without long touch dragging simply scrolls the time axis as explained below.

Zoom Period

Zoom into the displayed period by spreading the chart with two fingers, "magnify" smaller details. Pinch to see more days packed more tightly on the chart.

Drag to Scroll Time

Drag the chart left or right to scroll through the time.

Budget, Forecast and Chart

Calorie Budget allows controlling weight via diet and exercise. For example, if you want to lose weight, Calorie Budget with projected calorie deficit allows you to start moving towards your goal without starving:

Dashboard draws green apple when you are within the budget, turning red when you exceed it. Green and red vertical bars on previous days show how well you stick to the budget:

Calorie Budget sets the direction of your weight loss journey, Weight Forecast from Daily Analysis provides day-to-day guidance. When occasional overeating happens, Weight Forecast quantifies weight loss slowdown and helps you decide on possible corrections.

Unlike Calorie Budget, Weight Forecast uses ACTUAL calorie deficit calculated from your logged food and exercise, which makes it more realistic than budget calculated from imaginary planned calorie deficit.

In example below 'On target' forecast tells user that everything went as planned or even better:

"Slower loss" means that user could have done a better job:

"Calories surplus" needs a corrective action like going to gym, having a salad for lunch or replacing mayo with a little oil in the sandwich:

The forecast provides only a rough estimate of long-term weight loss. Weight and Calories chart enables long-term weight projection by plotting your ACTUAL weight loss along with bars presenting ACTUAL calorie deficit. On chart below the user has been dieting with regular calorie deficit causing a steady weight loss. This user can realistically hope to achieve the weight goal in the nearest future:

Further Reading

Make sure you read Weight & Calories Planning article explaining how to use Budget, Forecast and Chart tools for weight management. It also describes AutoPilot automatically adjusting your budget when weight changes.