MyNetDiary and Jawbone

What is Jawbone?

UP by Jawbone is a wristband and app system that helps you learn things about yourself and your lifestyle that you never knew. Jawbone UP tracks how you move and sleep. MyNetDiary is a perfect tool to learn how you eat and to improve your diet.

If you have UP configured to send data to the Jawbone website, you can link MyNetDiary to automatically download your movement - calories and daily step count, as well as sleep data from the Jawbone web site. This information becomes available online at and in your MyNetDiary mobile apps. MyNetDiary uses burned calories information in daily calorie balance calculations to help you stay fit.

Using UP with MyNetDiary helps to calculate daily calorie balance more accurately, see the actual balance of the calories you burn and eat during the day, and ultimately - helps you lose weight faster and smarter!

We highly recommend using UP for activity, steps and sleep tracking, while you use MyNetDiary to improve your diet and lose weight.

How does Jawbone linking work?

Linking MyNetDiary to Jawbone allows you to download:

  • Calories burned
  • Daily step count
  • Sleep hours
  • Weigh-ins

Also you can upload foods and weigh-ins to Jawbone

After you link to Jawbone, MyNetDiary performs automatic download within few minutes after you enter foods in MyNetDiary. If you don't log foods in MyNetDiary during a day, MyNetDiary will download from Jawbone during the night.

In case you do not log foods in MyNetDiary for 10 contiguous days, MyNetDiary stops downloading your Jawbone data. When you resume logging foods, MyNetDiary resumes Jawbone downloads.

If you want to expedite downloading today’s data to MyNetDiary, go to the Account tab, click Jawbone link to see Jawbone Settings page, then click “Verify link” button.

MyNetDiary downloads last 10 days of Jawbone data after the link is established or restored.

Jawbone data is transferred one-way. By creating a link, you authorize MyNetDiary website to read and write your Jawbone data and write these data under your MyNetDIary account.

You can choose which data can be downloaded from (and uploaded to) Jawbone. Use Jawbone Settings page.

First of all, make sure you Sign Up for MyNetDiary Maximum or Upgrade to MyNetDiary Maximum. Jawbone linking and many other premium MyNetDiary features are available with MyNetDiary Maximum.

Step 1: Set up your UP and create a account

You can get started by following the directions at Jawbone website.

Before going further, please verify that your Jawbone account is set up correctly: on the Jawbone website, check if you see the calories and other information uploaded from your UP.

Step 2: Sign in to, go to the Account tab, then to the Jawbone Settings section

Notice that this page may show if Jawbone is already linked, and also allows you to verify the link.

Step 3: Click the "Link to Jawbone"

You will be redirected to where you will need to log in.

Step 4: Authorize MyNetDiary to access your Jawbone data

Once you click the "Agree" button, you will be returned to Jawbone Settings page, where you should see "You have linked MyNetDiary to Jawbone" message.

Unlinking Jawbone

You can terminate MyNetDiary link at Jawbone Settings page.

Catching up on last several days

In the case you would like to repeat Jawbone download for the last 10 days, please, use "Verify Link" button.