25 October 2012 Consistency Through Change

By choice or happenstance, things change. Just like the leaves of fall, our lives can take on new colors. Perhaps it's a new job, a new house, a new school, change can be a big obstacle, but it doesn't have to derail our efforts to exercise and be healthy. Here are a few tips on keeping consistent through a lifestyle change.

Perhaps your work now requires a longer commute in the morning or your shift starts an hour or two earlier, right when you're used to hitting the gym. Short of uprooting your life to shift everything to a new schedule, first decide if you can just as easily work out in the evenings instead. You can also see if there are opportunities to join a fitness class closer to your work, or you might want to break up your workouts into two shorter sessions: one before or after work, and one around your lunch break. Use this opportunity to think of some new exercises you've been wanting to try, like a new spin class or dance class. Part of accepting change is letting go of our past routines. Explore the new moment!

New places and new towns are also filled with new people. One thing that doesn't change is the need for a supportive community to achieve your goals. Seek out those who have similar goals as yourself. They can help motivate and educate you for what's available in the area. Plus you might make new friends!

You might find yourself in a new part of town, or in a new state, depending on your new life. This is an opportunity to explore what healthy eating options are available to you. A new grocery store might have things you've not yet been exposed to, or perhaps you're now close to a weekly farmer's market. Maybe there's a delicious healthy restaurant around the corner now. Be open to trying them out!

Lastly, don't be afraid to take a break. You don't need to solve every problem at once. A big change can take time to process; allow yourself to go on a short hiatus if need be; just don't lose sight of your goals. Tell yourself that in X number of days you'll be back at a gym. Change is not an excuse; it's a chance to be even better in a new environment!

Have any other tips for coping with big changes?

Ryan Newhouse

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