10 January 2013 Creative Fitness Trends for 2013

Ready to put your resolutions to the test? Here is a rundown of some of the more creative fitness trends you will probably come across in 2013. Many of these are now available at the local gym or making their way around the country. How many of them have you tried?

Barre Workouts

Though not technically "new", barre and barre-style classes are still popular choices for 2013. Aimed at improving balance, strength, stamina, and flexibility, these high energy classes happen to fun to boot!

Small Group Personal Training

People to save money when they can, and by joining together in small groups to hire one personal trainer, the cost per session is very affordable. It's also fun to workout with a group of friends. If you're at all competitive, this can be a fun way to spend an hour as opposed to one-on-one sessions.

MMA Exercising

High-intensity MMA workouts are popular because they increase strength, agility, endurance and power that address total body fitness. MMA is still becoming a popular sport, so it's no surprise that more people want to train like their favorite fighters.

Metabolic Conditioning

Ever hear of P90X or CrossFit? Probably you have, and these workouts will continue to be popular in 2013 because they excel in burning calories and increasing lean muscle mass.

Community Workouts

Local running clubs, outdoor cycling groups and playground fitness groups are great ways to meet neighbors, keep each other accountable and have fun.

Core Training

The core is truly the "core" of your strength. Paying due attention to your core can help you prevent injuries and make you strong. Don't ignore this important muscle group in 2013.

Obstacle Course Races

You may have come across ads for the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Dirty Dash this last year. As a 5K or 10K, these races make a regular road race seem boring. With elements of mud and bootcamp-style obstacles, these races are becoming very popular around the country.

So, are you ready to get exercising? Which ones will you put on your 2013 "to-do" list?

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