12 June 12 Don’t Limit Yourself

A recently published study found that limiting your choices may not limit your calories. According to researchers at the University of Tennessee, limiting your options for “junk food” may get you to consume fewer calories from junk food, but people made up for those calories elsewhere.

The study, lead by Hollie Raynor, asked over 200 overweight and obese adults to make lifestyle changes in order to lose weight. Specifically, she aimed at restricting access to high-calorie foods, such as ice cream, cookies, and chips. These participants also participated in group meetings and followed reduced-calorie diets and engaged in regular exercise.

Half the group was asked to limit their junk food options to only two choices. The other half did not have this restriction. Over 18 months, the study showed that the group with limited options did consume fewer calories stemming from junk foods, and ate junk food with less frequency. However, it did not contribute to greater weight loss than the non-limited group.

In fact, each group participant still lost about 10 pounds during the study.

While more studies are needed to fully understand the implications behind restrictive food choices, it was noted by the researchers that “human beings enjoy eating” and calories were compensated in areas in which they were not restricted.

The take-home message is that restriction is not the only answer. One must remain mindful of all areas of their diet. This is easy to do when you keep track of all your calorie intake.

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