Nuts and seeds

2 subgroups ( 24 total groups ) , 11 Foods ( 136 total foods )

Group Nuts 12 subgroups ( 16 total groups ) , 23 Foods ( 81 total foods )
Group Seeds 6 subgroups , 22 Foods ( 44 total foods )
Chia seeds
Food Score:21 Calories:486cals Fat:31g Carbs:42g Protein:17g in 100g
Hemp seeds shelled or hulled
Food Score:2 Calories:553cals Fat:49g Carbs:9g Protein:32g in 100g
Nuts almonds oil roasted with salt added smoke flavor
Food Score:4 Calories:607cals Fat:56g Carbs:18g Protein:21g in 100g
Nuts and seeds almonds oil roasted lightly salted
Food Score:5 Calories:607cals Fat:55g Carbs:18g Protein:21g in 100g
Nuts and seeds sunflower kernels from shell dry roasted with salt added
Food Score:-12 Calories:546cals Fat:50g Carbs:15g Protein:19g in 100g
Nuts mixed oil roasted with peanuts lightly salted
Food Score:-0 Calories:607cals Fat:54g Carbs:21g Protein:20g in 100g
Nuts mixed oil roasted without peanuts lightly salted
Food Score:0 Calories:607cals Fat:50g Carbs:25g Protein:18g in 100g
Roasted Chinese chestnuts
Food Score:0 Calories:239cals Fat:1g Carbs:52g Protein:4g in 100g
Sunflower seed kernels (shelled) dry roasted with salt
Food Score:1 Calories:582cals Fat:50g Carbs:24g Protein:19g in 100g
Walnuts dry roasted with salt
Food Score:-1 Calories:643cals Fat:61g Carbs:18g Protein:14g in 100g
Walnuts glazed
Food Score:-3 Calories:500cals Fat:36g Carbs:48g Protein:8g in 100g