1 subgroup ( 3 total groups ) , 10 Foods ( 16 total foods )

Group Frozen 2 subgroups , 6 total foods
Onion flakes dehydrated
Food Score:7 Calories:349cals Fat:0g Carbs:83g Protein:9g in 100g
Onions boiled with salt
Food Score:1 Calories:42cals Fat:0g Carbs:10g Protein:1g in 100g
Onions boiled without salt
Food Score:1 Calories:44cals Fat:0g Carbs:10g Protein:1g in 100g
Onions canned solids and liquids
Food Score:1 Calories:19cals Fat:0g Carbs:4g Protein:1g in 100g
Onions green spring or scallions raw
Food Score:3 Calories:32cals Fat:0g Carbs:7g Protein:2g in 100g
Onions raw
Food Score:2 Calories:40cals Fat:0g Carbs:9g Protein:1g in 100g
Onions sweet raw
Food Score:1 Calories:32cals Fat:0g Carbs:8g Protein:1g in 100g
Onions welsh raw
Food Score:3 Calories:34cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:2g in 100g
Onions young green tops only
Food Score:2 Calories:27cals Fat:0g Carbs:6g Protein:1g in 100g
Yellow onions sauteed
Food Score:0 Calories:123cals Fat:11g Carbs:8g Protein:1g in 100g