3 subgroups ( 5 total groups ) , 4 Foods ( 24 total foods )

Group Long-grain 2 subgroups , 4 Foods ( 12 total foods )
Group Medium-grain 4 Foods
Group Short-grain 4 Foods
Rice white glutinous cooked without salt
Food Score:1 Calories:97cals Fat:0g Carbs:21g Protein:2g in 100g
Rice white glutinous dry uncooked
Food Score:0 Calories:370cals Fat:1g Carbs:82g Protein:7g in 100g
Rice white with pasta cooked
Food Score:-0 Calories:122cals Fat:3g Carbs:21g Protein:3g in 100g
Rice white with pasta dry
Food Score:-6 Calories:368cals Fat:2g Carbs:75g Protein:9g in 100g