Using Service

Online Access stores your diary safely online and lets you access it with a phone or tablet - iPhone, iPad, Android, or from a regular computer with the comfort of a large screen and keyboard.

You can switch to another phone or computer and continue with your diary, even if your phone is lost. Simply sign in with account name and resume tracking from your new phone or computer.

To access your diary online, go to and sign in with your MyNetDiary account name and password. You can check the name of your account or create an account (if you haven't done this yet) from the Settings screen in the app.

Diet Service is much more than a calorie counter app - it is a diet service helping you lose weight, learn to eat more healthfully, get fit, and achieve a permanent lifestyle change. MyNetDiary can help you - check out our great articles and blog entries about food, diets, weight loss, eating out and more. is a state-of-the-art web site, featuring easy food and exercise entry, searching as you type and providing you detailed feedback, helping you stay on track.

MyNetDiary web site is simple and uncluttered - you start typing food names and amounts into a "spreadsheet" and MyNetDiary helps you complete input, calculates and saves everything. It provides trend analysis, nutrition and exercise reports, a complete set of charts helping you control your progress. It does not get easier!

Online Community

MyNetDiary Community is a friendly place where you can team up with other people to get support and keep your motivation high. The Community is supported by a registered dietitian. See Live Success Stories of other people using MyNetDiary!

MyNetDiary Premium

You can get even more tools and help from MyNetDiary - with our subscription service MyNetDiary Premium. Learn more about MyNetDiary Premium members losing 20% more weight on the average, and how they are more successful in keeping it off.