The Instant Calorie Counter

There are many things that set MyNetDiary apart from other online and mobile calorie counters and food diaries. MyNetDiary has a great food database, it's easy, comprehensive, and inexpensive. But the crown jewel is our unique, fantastically fast and easy search and food entry - the most important piece of any calorie counter or food diary.

MyNetDiary search and food entry is as advanced as Google Instant, but it does even more, because 1) it is highly specialized - for foods and exercise only, and 2) it is personalized for you, remembering your searches and saving you even more time.

Instant Benefits

Less Typing, Faster Searches: foods appear immediately as you type, and you see the food you need quickly, so you don’t have to type extra words or even finish typing the current word. With other food diaries and calorie counters, you have to type a full food search term, click the Search button, wait, and hope for the right results in a few seconds.

Predicting Search from Your History: once you start typing, MyNetDiary shows matching foods you ate before, predicting your searches. Often you need to type only a few letters - three or four - and MyNetDiary will finish the food name for you. Food entry with MyNetDiary is faster than you type. No other calorie counter does this.

Correcting Typical Misspellings: as MyNetDiary knows all the food names, it knows that when you type “broco” you mean “brocco”, as in “broccoli”. MyNetDiary corrects over 5,000 typical food name misspellings. No other calorie counter does this. With other calorie counters, when you make a typo and don’t see any foods found, you have to figure out where the typo is, correct it, click the Search button, and wait for new results.

In-place Entry: on the website and in our iPad app, you enter your daily foods "in-place", in the most natural way: you click in a food table cell and start typing, you see results right under, select them, select amount, and move to the next food. There is no moving between special search and result pages, everything is done in-place, saving you extra 10-20 seconds per food.

Mobile Entry: instant food entry powers all of our mobile apps. Typing and food entry are more challenging on phones with their small keyboards, and our instant food entry dramatically minimizes typing and saves you much time and effort while logging foods.

With instant food entry in MyNetDiary, you save about 20-50 seconds per food.

A typical person logs about 15 foods daily. So, with MyNetDiary, you save 5-12 minutes each day. This goes far beyond just saving time - food logging with MyNetDiary is so fast and easy that you can actually do it every day! Losing weight by tracking your foods and eating healthfully has never been easier than with MyNetDiary. Instant food entry makes all the difference.

Instant Facts

  • Over 1,126,000 foods collected in the food database.
  • Typical food search time in MyNetDiary is less than 16ms.
  • Typical Internet roundtrip time is less than 100ms. You get results in under 120ms.
  • The most frequent word in MyNetDiary reviews? “Easy”.

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