MyNetDiary Running Help

First of all, make sure to wait until the GPS indicator is green before starting your activity. If you see your location jumps around, try turning off WiFi before tracking an activity.

While exercising, you can switch to "map" display by swiping right or using "Map" button. While map displayed, you can pull it up, to make it full-screen.

Music controls are built into the app - you can swipe left or use the Music button to get there.

While on the main running screen, you can double tap it to hear your current stats without looking.

Our stats show that people who share with their friends are more committed and successful in the long run! You can share with Facebook - the app will let you edit or write your own message and select with whom you want to share. Facebook sharing requires iOS6 or later.

Syncing with MyNetDiary

If you used one of MyNetDiary's mobile apps or online service, you can connect this app to your existing account by "signing in" with your existing account name and password. The app will show you your today's food and exercise calories and remaining calories. If you are over budget, use the app to burn some extra calories! After the activity is completed, the app will automatically create an exercise record in your diary with accurate calorie count.

Tips & Tricks

Audio Announcements In Settings, you can enable audio-announcements while moving, for example, make announcements every mile or 5 minutes.

Saving the battery if you are not looking to the screen, we recommend using the top lock button on your iPhone, to put it to "sleep". The app will still be tracking your activity, but consume less energy.

Preventing accidental presses use the app's "Lock" button on the Main running screen.

We found that the Auto Stop function does not work reliably in this version and recommend keeping it OFF.