MyNetDiary Premium Guide

Thank you for using MyNetDiary Premium!

This short guide should help you get the most from many features unique to MyNetDiary Premium.

Just in case if you are new to MyNetDiary, check out this short video to learn the fastest ways to enter foods.

Tracking Health Conditions

MyNetDiary Premium lets you track and analyze many kinds of information important for various health conditions.

To track multiple measurements of blood glucose per day, you can turn on "BG & Diabetes Tracking" option in app settings or on the website. The app will let you track multiple measurements of blood glucose per day, enter your personal ranges for pre- and post-meal blood glucose. Optionally, you can turn on insulin tracking.

MyNetDiary Premium also adds "Trackers", including A1C, HDL and LDL Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and more. You can also create your own trackers, for example, tracking your mood, quality of sleep, and more.

If you turn on "BG and Diabetes Tracking", MyNetDiary also provides advanced medication tracking, with individual medications, allowing time, dose tracking, and label assignments.

There are many special charts and reports in MyNetDiary Premium, allowing to see trends and summaries and better understand your health conditions.

Also, you can send reports to your healthcare provider via e-mail.

Setting Goals

MyNetDiary Premium lets you set and track goals for nutrients and measurements.

You can specify macronutrient ratios on the Plan screen, deciding on percentages of your daily calories coming from fats, carbs, and proteins.

On the Meals screen you can pick and choose nutrients you want to track, selecting from up to 45 nutrients. If you want to set goals for individual nutrients, you can do this on the Plan page on the website.

On the Measurements screen you can pick and choose measurements you want to track, for example waist, hips, thighs, and more. If you want to set goals for individual measurements, you can do this on the Daily Details page on the website. Once you select a measurement for tracking, MyNetDiary will provide a special chart for it, helping to visualize your progress.

Connecting Devices

MyNetDiary Premium lets you connect and sync with many popular activity trackers and services, such as Fitbit and Withings. These connections are configured on the website, but once you have them set up, all MyNetDiary apps will be working with them.

Currently, MyNetDiary support all Fitbit activity trackers, Withings wifi body scales, Withings Blood Pressure, Fitbit Aria wifi scale, and Twitter. We are working on connecting MyNetDiary with more services, so stay tuned!

Eating Better, Losing Smarter

With MyNetDiary Premium you can plan your diet in more details, including weekly exercise planning, to plan and account your calories more accurately. Also, on the website's Plan page you can enable AutoPilot, which will automatically adjust your daily calories as you start using weight.

MyNetDiary can help you eat and track smaller and more frequent meals. You can enable time tracking in Settings and MyNetDiary will group your snacks in reports to multiple meals.

Weekly Analysis will help you see bigger picture and provide feedback on your key vitamins and minerals averages over a week; if you get stuck with weight loss plateau, Weekly Analysis can provide some additional advice on that.

Premium Power

With MyNetDiary Premium you get all these powerful and easy to use tools to help you be more successful!

Health conditions tracking, goals, devices, smart diet tools and full MyNetDiary website membership are included.

There are also a few awesome tools available in the iPhone app only - you can use PhotoFoods service to easily add foods to the database by taking pictures, or try voice input of foods (use the mic icon on the Home screen).

Of course, all MyNetDiary PRO features are included, such as recipe editing, PIN code protection, and the rest.

We hope this brief guide will help you get the most from MyNetDiary Premium!

We always recommend getting connected with MyNetDiary on Facebook and joining MyNetDiary Community - a friendly place where you can team up with other people to get support, keep your motivation high and build long-term dieting accountability. To join, go to MyNetDiary web site and sign in with the username and password from the Settings screen in the app.