Exercise Entry Screen

Simply tap on the exercise name box and start typing. MyNetDiary searches as you type in its exercise database.

MyNetDiary remembers your recent searches and displays them first, in the blue font.

You can scroll the exercises and activities found, and you can hide the keyboard to see more exercises.

Once you found the exercise you need, tap on it and MyNetDiary will display available "amounts", typically time units. Exercises that have time units have calories expenditures calculated from MET values based on your personal information (weight, height, age, and sex). You can also enter other numbers or fractions, like "16 min". MyNetDiary also remembers you recent choices and shows them at the top in the blue font.

If you used an exercise equipment that calculates calories, you can enter them directly - just use the "calorie" unit available for any exercise type.

If you did the exercise before, you can type first few letters from each word and MyNetDiary will find it for you.

If you cannot find the exercise in the MyNetDiary database, you can enter it as a custom exercise by tapping the Custom Exercise button.

You can optionally enter exercise notes, such as the number of sets or repetitions.