Analysis Screen

The Analysis screen provides analysis of the current day. You can get detailed analysis of your weight goals, and plan your diet on the Plan screen in the app or Plan page on the web site.

If you consumed enough calories (more than 400), the top section - Day Energy Balance - analyzes your day from the calories perspective. The equation displayed at the top calculates the total daily calorie loss based on your current weight. As you start losing weight, your body needs fewer calories, and this screen takes that into account estimating actual calorie loss for the day.

Remember, to lose a pound of fat, you need to lose 3,500 calories, not within a day, but in the course of several days!

Day Highlights

The second section - Day Highlights - analyzes your eating patterns and individual nutrient consumption.

If you are not interested in some nutrients, for example saturated fat or cholesterol, you can de-select them from the list of tracked nutrients on the Meals screen.

You can also review your weekly analysis. Weekly analysis provides totals and averages for the last 7 days. Weekly analysis includes more nutrients, such as iron, vitamins A and C, and calcium.

You can navigate between dates by tapping the arrows at the top part of the screen. To quickly return to Today's date, tap on the date.

Analysis Row on Home Screen

The Analysis row on the Home screen shows calories remaining per your diet plan, while taking exercise into account, so that you can see quickly how you do compared with your plan.

Remains = FoodPlan - Food + Exercise - ExercisePlan

Here are the rules:

If you did not eat much food, but you see a small number of calories remaining in the Analysis row, this could be due to your exercise plan - you need to exercise more!