Blood Glucose

On this screen, you can see chronological list of all blood glucose readings you have entered for this day so far.

Tap an existing blood glucose reading to view details, or to edit or delete it.

Tap "Add Blood Glucose Reading" to enter a new reading in the currently selected day.

BG Test Reminders

The app provides built-in blood glucose reminders. You can set one or more reminders for the current day with "Set BG Reminder" button. Tap a pending reminder to delete it.

Another option is to set "After Meal Reminder Prompts". You can specify how soon you prefer to test your BG after each meal. For example, you can specify 1 hour after breakfast and 2 hours after dinner. Then, when you log first food in such a meal and there is still some time left before testing, you will get prompted to set a reminder - you can set it or decline. Setting these reminder prompts makes it much easier and faster to set reminders with a single tap and test your BG regularly.

Other Settings

The Settings button at the bottom toolbar allows you to customize blood glucose target ranges.

The Sort button changes the order of entries - either sorted by time or in the reverse order.