Custom Food Screen

This screen allows entering new or editing existing custom foods.

The only piece of information required is food name. We recommend providing long, descriptive food names, to distinguish this food from other similar looking ones. We recommend entering food group as well.

If you don't know food weight, you don't need to enter it, you can enter only serving name, for example, "salad", or "sandwich".

We also recommend entering more nutrients, especially the ones you track - this will help keeping more accurate track of your consumption.

For nutrients that have recommended daily intakes, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, etc, you can enter amounts in percentages for the standardized 2,000 calories intake, or in nutrient's units, such as "iu", "mg", or "mcg".

When available, we recommend entering in nutrient units, as this is more precise.

In MyNetDiary Pro, you can use the PhotoFood Service, to save your time and efforts entering new foods. To start using the new food, you only need to enter its name, serving info, and calories. You can take photos of its food label and scan its barcode, and MyNetDiary's PhotoFood Service Team will enter and verify all of its nutrients from the food label - MyNetDiary supports up to 45 nutrients. We strive to process all foods in 24 hours or faster.