GPS Tracking

The GPS Activity Tracker provided in MyNetDiary's iPhone app calculates calories, distance and time, and automatically logs such exercise in your diary. It's simple, straighforward, and reliable - perfect for casual runners and cyclists, so you don't need to integrate and use some other GPS running or cycling app.

The GPS Tracker works only when you start and use it, it does not track your activities 24x7. If you are looking for a way to track all your activities and calories 24x7, we recommend linking MyNetDiary with one of the activity trackers, such as Fitbit, Garmin, or Withings, available in MyNetDiary Premium.

Starting Tracking

On the first screen, you can select activity type - MyNetDiary supports running, cycling, walking, hiking and cross country skiing. You can also select a playlist to play while you exercise.

The Settings button in the top left corner opens special GPS settings screen, where you can turn on and off distance and time announcements, Auto Pause (automatically pausing tracking if the app detects you've stopped), and vibration options.

During Activity

While exercising, you may want to lock the screen, especially if you are holding the phone in your hand to avoid accidental presses and still see current statistics.

You can swipe left and right or use the buttons at the bottom to see Music and Map.

To finish activity, tap the Pause button first, and then tap End Workout.

Saving Activity

After tapping End Workout, you'll see final stats of your activity and then you can save it. Optionally, you can share your result or add a note.