Ketone Testing

If you are burning fat, your body is making ketones – the product of fat metabolism. Measuring levels of ketones can help you figure out what is your ketosis state.

There are three ways to do ketone testing – using urine sticks, blood tests, or breath tests. MyNetDiary supports all three of them.

Make sure you have Ketones item on your Dashboard – to log your tests and review statistics.

Each method measures presence of different types of molecules: urine tests measure acetoacetate levels, blood tests measure β-hydroxybutyrate levels, breath tests measure acetone levels.

Logging Ketone Tests

Once you have measured ketone levels using either urine sticks, a blood ketone meter, or a breath ketone meter, then go to the Ketones screen in MyNetDiary and tap “Add” button for the test type you did.

On the Ketone Entry screen you can enter the test reading – either select ketone presence from the list for urine tests, or enter blood ketones in mg/dL (or mmol/L, depending on unit settings you’ve selected), or enter breath ketones in ppm units.

Optionally, you can log the time of the test, assign one or more labels, and also add a note.

You can review your ketone stats and trends using the Chart button.