Food Check

MyNetDiary provides this food check tool to help you watch what you eat, even if you don't have time to keep actual food diary (which actually takes much less time than you think - with MyNetDiary).

You can quickly search foods in the huge, 95,000 MyNetDiary food database.

Once found, you can view nutrition facts of the food for the listed serving size, including its calories and nutrients.

Sometimes deciding by a food label whether you should eat the food or skip it could be non-trivial. For example, what is more important - 6g of saturated fat or 30% of Vitamin C in the food? Which one outweighs the other?

To help you interpret food labels, MyNetDiary provides food score. The food score is calculated based solely on the food's Nutrition Facts. The methodology was published in the June 2009 issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, in the article Modeling Expert Opinions on Food Healthfulness: A Nutrition Metric by Jolie M. Martin, MBA, PhD; John Beshears, AM; Katherine L. Milkman; Max H. Bazerman, PhD; Lisa A. Sutherland, PhD, and used by MyNetDiary with permission. The study distills expert knowledge of leading U.S. nutrition experts into a simple nutrition metric, to help all of us to make more healthful food choices.

Please remember that the food score alone does not indicate that the food is good or bad. Even nutrients that are considered negatives in the food score calculation, such as fats, carbs or iron, are needed by your body. Ultimately, you should strive for meeting your nutrient targets for the whole day, not for a single food. This is easy with MyNetDiary - open your free account, setup your plan, and use our simple and powerful tools.

Finally, please note that although we make every effort to improve quality of the food database, not all foods have all nutrients provided by the food vendor, or entered into the food database. In this cases, the calculated food score may be off.