Meals Screen

This is the main screen for viewing your meals, logged foods, day and meal macros and nutrient totals.

The menu button in the top right corner has more tools - recipe and "my meal" creation, sharing meals via iMessage, selecting nutrients for tracking, managing all of your foods (custom foods, recipes, "my meals", favorites, recent foods, and Photo Foods.)

Using the Settings menu option you can fully customize this screen, including carb display, timestamping, display options, and more.

Finding Foods

You have to find a food you ate, then log it to your diary. Food Search and Barcode Scanner are the most common ways to do this. Make sure to review Finding Foods to find and log foods quickly and easily.

More Tips and Options

Nutrients Table

This table shows consumed amounts of the nutrients you track and additional statistics in its right column. You can choose to see amounts left, percentages left, and percentages compared to the standard 2,000 calories diet (like on Nutrition Facts labels).

You can add or remove nutrients to track using the menu. Use the Plan screen (available on the Dashboard) for detailed, personalized planning of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Tapping any nutrient in the Nutrients table will display statistics about this nutrient in your diet.

Food Timestamps to Track Snack Meals

MyNetDiary Premium provides the option of timestamping foods. You can use this to record multiple snacks in between of main meals. MyNetDiary's reports will group snacks by time, into separate meals.

Planning Future Meals

You can also use this screen for planning your meals in advance, before eating or even for future days. Simply enter the foods and amounts you plan to eat, adjusting the foods and amounts as needed, if you see you are going over your "budget" - calorie plan. This way, you can plan and eat better meals, planning meals helps to avoid accidental overeating!

Learning MyNetDiary iPhone App Videos

If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend checking out MyNetDiary's YouTube channel, it has a special playlist Learning MyNetDiary iPhone App covering search, logging, recipes, favorites, and a ton of customization settings.

Please notice that this is a playlist, with many short videos. Use the playlist button in the corner of the video box to select any video from the playlist.