My Foods

My Foods screens accumulate all of your foods - custom foods, recipes, favorites, foods you eat frequently, recent meals, and PhotoFoods not yet processed.

My Foods screens are used for two things:

Logging Foods From My Foods

You can open My Foods for logging foods either using the "star" button at the bottom toolbar, or you can open from the "meal menu" located in the top right corner of every meal screen.

Once opened, you can go through the tabs you need, tapping the foods that you want to add to your current meal.

Selected foods will be added with the amount displayed. If you have logged the food recently, then the most recent amount will be displayed. otherwise, if you haven't logged this food recently - a typical amount for the food.

If this time you ate a different amount, you can either 1) update the amount later on on the Food Entry screen after logging all of the foods, or 2) faster - you can swipe the food while selecting and tap "Adjust" button to adjust the amount that will be logged on the fly.

Tip: if the list of foods is getting large, you might want to sort it with the sorting button at the bottom of the screen. Foods can be sorted either by recency or alphabetically.

Managing My Foods

You can open Managing My Foods screens either from "meal menu", located in the top right corner of every meal screen, or from the main app's menu, located in the top left corner of the Dashboard.

While managing foods, you can see all of your custom foods, recipes, and PhotoFoods not yet processed, as well as organize your favorite foods and review your frequent foods.

Use the bottom toolbar to sort and to add new items: mark more foods as favorites, or create new custom foods and recipes.

When you tap on an existing food, a popup menu will be displayed, with severaly actions available depending on the kind of food.

My Food Tabs


This list contains foods you marked as favorites.

Historical note: if you used MyNetDiary before My Foods were added to the app in September, 2018, you used so called "automatic favorites" - foods you ate frequently that MyNetDiary considered being your favorites. Now you have full control over favorites - you can add, remove, or re-arrange their order exactly as you want. MyNetDiary continues to maintain an automatic list of foods you eat frequently, but now it is called "Frequent Foods".

Tap "+" button to find more foods and add them to the Favorites list.

You can also add a food to this list by marking it as Favorite while logging the food, on the Food Entry screen.

Tap on a food to see more actions available, such as its Food Label, removing it from favorites, and more.

You can also drag and drop favorite foods to arrange their order exactly as you want it.

Frequent Foods

This list contains the foods you log most often. It grows automatically as you keep logging. This list excludes foods already logged today.

Custom Foods

Create Custom Food when you don't find your food in the catalog. You will be able to find it via food search or simply log it from this list.


Create Recipes when your cook or eat the same foods together. Recorded recipes will let you log quicker and find healthier ingredients over time.


Use PhotoFoods tab to submit and review PhotoFood service orders.

Common Food Actions

Tapping on any food on Manage My Foods screen displays additional actions available for the food.

Food Label

This action would simply display full Food Label for the food, where you can explore its nutrient and their effects on your diet.

Retire Food

You can retire Custom Food or Recipe that you have created earlier. After retirement the food and its previously logged entries are not lost: the food is simply marked as retired and it will no longer show up in search results.

Remove from Search History

After you log a food like Milk whole 3.25% milkfat it becomes a part of your Recent food list. If you typed in whole milk and selected the food from the list, MyNetDiary remembers your exact input for faster recall. Next time you start typing whole milk you will see your recent food at the top of search results.

Remove from Search History action allows you to clear this search history. This action is especially useful when you had mistyped food name, MyNetDiary remembered it and keeps showing it in search results.