My Meal Help

If you frequently eat the same foods together, you can create a "My Meal" for them. Similar to a recipe, it is created from several other foods. Differently from recipe, when you add such "my meal" to your food log, its individual foods are added, not the "my meal" itself.

For example, if you frequently eat strawberries, Kashi cereal, lowfat milk and espresso for breakast, you can create a new "My Meal" with these, and give it name "Espresso Breakfast". Adding this "Espresso Breakfast" to your today's breakfast adds all four foods (strawberries, cereal, milk and espresso) to the breakfast.

So, My Meal can help you quickly add to your food log several foods with pre-determined amounts. Of course, if needed, you will be able to adjust any amounts after adding.

Creating My Meal

You can create a new "My Meal" from any regular day meal, for example from your today's breakfast. Use the Food Menu button in the top right corner of a meal screen.

If you already have some foods in your breakfast, the new My Meal will be pre-populated with these foods. You can add more foods by searching or scanning barcodes.

You can see all of My Meals you have created under My Foods. In "manage" mode, you can edit already existing My Meals, or add more with the "plus" button in the bottom toolbar.

Using My Meal with Siri

On iOS 12, you can create a Siri shortcut for any of such "My Meals" using "Add to Siri" button at the bottom of My Meal screen.

After you have created a shortcut with your own invocation phrase, then you can tell Siri to invoke this shortcut and thus add all foods listed in this Meal to your food log, without even opening the MyNetDiary app itself.