Recipe Screen

If you often eat the same foods together, for example, have a coffee, a bagel, and cream cheese every other morning, you can make it a recipe.

First, log the ingredient foods and amounts into a meal, for example, breakfast. Next, return to the Meal Screen (breakfast in our example), and tap the Recipe button at the bottom toolbar. You will be taken to the Recipe screen. Enter recipe name, assign food group, optionally adjust amounts or add more foods, and tap Save. New recipe food will be created, and old food payments will be replaced with the new "recipe" food.

You can later adjust the recipe as needed. Go to any food entry with this recipe and tap the edit icon on the bottom toolbar to open the Edit Recipe screen. Changing the recipe also changes previous food entries with it. If you are making significant changes, not small adjustments, you may want to create a new recipe with a different name.