Editing Ingredients Text

As some websites have quite complicated ingredient instructions, you may need to edit and format ingredient texts. MyNetDiary recipe import tool expects one ingredient per line of text, starting with the amount, then following with food name.

1.5 cup Chicken stock

Sometimes, a recipe allows a variation of ingredient quantity, e.g., "3-5 tsp honey." In these cases, you need to decide and enter the specific quantity you will be using, e.g., "3 tsp honey"

Sometimes, there are two ingredients in one line of text, for example: "juice of one lemon plus half a lemon sliced." Such lines need to be broken up into two, as there are actually two ingredients: lemon juice and lemon, each having different nutrition information. In this example, you need to change it into two lines, for example, "1 lemon juice" and "1/2 lemon."

Also, note that here you can edit and modify ingredients as you wish. For example, if the recipe lists "5 tbsp maple syrup", you can replace it with a healthier option, e.g. "3 tbs honey."

If MyNetDiary cannot parse some recipe webpage, you can copy, paste, and then edit ingredients text as needed, to have one ingredient per line of text. Then, you still will be able to use powerful ingredient matching in MyNetDiary, saving you a lot of time, as you won't need to search in the food database and enter the amount of each ingredient manually.