Shopping List

The new Shopping List tool in MyNetDiary's iPhone and iPad apps will let you organize all of your supermarket shopping. It is coming to MyNetDiary's Android app, too.

The Shopping List will help you manage shopping not only for food but also for any household items you purchase in food stores.

The Shopping List has been added to MyNetDiary's watch app so that you can cross off items from your wrist. Swipe from the right in the watch app to see the Shopping List screen there.

You can also add items to the list with Siri: try saying, "Add milk and honey to my shopping list in MyNetDiary."

The Shopping List screen is located on the Me tab in the iPhone app, and in the left-side menu in the iPad app.


The Shopping List tool lets you manage all of your supermarket and food market shopping in a single list. You can generate the list from your planned meals and recipes, you can add individual foods or add any other item by typing its name.

The shopping list is organized by categories. You can re-arrange and even create new categories matching how your food store is arranged for more organized shopping.

When you edit an item using the "Edit" button on the right, you can enter an amount, add notes, or change the item's category.

While shopping, simply tap an item you have just purchased to cross it off. Use the "eye" button to hide crossed off items automatically.

There are several handy tools to manage your shopping list available in the top-right menu.

Adding Items to the Shopping List

There are several ways to add items to the list:

If you add a recipe to the shopping list, this will add all of its ingredients, scaled for the number of servings you specify. If you added an item from a meal or a recipe, you would see on the Edit Item screen where it came from.

Adding from the Shopping List screen

You can add items directly to the list - use the green "+" button. You can search and select foods and recipes to add to your shopping list, the same as you do for logging your daily foods.

You can also type and add anything else you want to the shopping list. You can type and add "milk" - if you don't care about selecting a specific brand of milk in search results. You can also type and add "dishwasher" - it won't be in the foods database, but you may want to have it in your shopping list because you purchase household supplies in your supermarket while shopping for food.

Adding from Meals screens

You can add to the shopping list foods you have logged in one of your meals (for example, in breakfast) - either for today, in a past day, or logged (for planning purposes) for tomorrow or some future day. Use the menu button located in the top right corner of meals screens and select the "Add to Shopping List" option, then confirm that you want to add the current meal. You'll be able to select specific foods from your meal that you want to add.

If you log your future meals for planning purposes, either for a day or a few days in advance, you can add all of them to the shopping list. Again, use the "Add to Shopping List" menu item and select the "All Planned Meals" option. You can further edit the shopping list afterward on the main Shopping List screen.

Editing the Shopping List

On the Shopping List screen, you can further edit the list. You can add amounts and notes to any item, change item icons, and change category assignments - use the "Edit" button on the item's right. You can delete items by swiping them from the right.

You can also select and cross off, or delete, or move to another category several items at once. Use the top menu button and select the "Select and Edit" menu option to switch to the list editing mode.

You can also edit the list of categories to match how your supermarket is organized. Suppose your supermarket has a produce department at the entrance, with the seafood department next. In that case, you may want to use the "Manage Categories" menu option to re-arrange (or add) categories, drag "Produce" to the top of the categories list, then drag the "Seafood" category to make it the second one in the categories list, and so on. After doing this, you'll be able to go through your shopping list top-down as you go through the supermarket.

Shopping with the Shopping List

In a food store, you can tap an item to cross it off from your list. Tap a crossed item if you want to undo this. You can use the "eye" button at the top of the Shopping List screen to automatically hide crossed off items from the list, leaving visible only the items you still need to purchase.

Another good idea is to use the Grocery Check button (a "magnifier glass" button located next to the "+" button.) while selecting foods. The Grocery Check tool will display food grades and will help you select healthier options.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can see the shopping list in the MyNetDiary's app for Apple Watch. You'll be able to see your remaining shopping items and cross them off in the watch app. You can shop without using your iPhone, only with the watch!

Sharing the Shopping List

If you want to provide your shopping list to a family member to do the shopping, or if you want to print it, it's easy to do. Use the "Share" button at the bottom of the Shopping List screen. Then, select one of the sharing options available on your iPhone. Depending on the apps you have installed, and on your settings, you would be able to send the list as a text message, email, or print it out.