Community Home Screen

This screen provides a summary of your Community - including your blog, friends, groups, teams, and forum.

Participation in the Community is completely optional. You can use MyNetDiary for your diet planning, logging foods and exercise - and MyNetDiary shines in all these areas - without participation in the Community. MyNetDiary provides the best food database, the easiest food logging and the best iPhone diet application, whether you participate in the Community or not.

If you are looking for extra motivation, community support, or want to start dieting with your friends, co-workers, or family - then the Community will help you.

Before using Community on the iPhone, you need to setup your community profile on the web site. By default, all information sharing is turned of, ensuring your privacy. If you would like to share some information about you, you can select sharing options on My Community Profile page, on the web site.

Also, we recommend to join (or create!) several groups and teams - to get together with other people sharing your interests. You can create a group for your family or co-workers!

My Blog is your personal place for notes and thoughts, which you want to share with other people. Remember, to let other people see your blog, you have to enable access on My Community Profile page on the web site.

To add friends, you can search community (on the web site) and add people you know as friends. Also, you can start a new topic with other people from your groups and teams, which will add them as friends.

Groups are typically small - to not let anyone get lost among members, and help getting personal feedback. You can create private (invitation-only) and public (advertized) groups on the web site.

Teams are created and managed by MyNetDiary support. Typically, teams are for large groups of people, like "Runners", or people in their thirties, or living in the same area.

Finally, the forum is for everyone - feel free to drop in, share you experiences, and ask questions!