23 July 2019Men Share What Helped Them Lose Weight

Gaining unexpected weight can be frustrating. Whether your weight is up as a result of competing life priorities such as working long hours, family obligations or anything in between, it is possible to make lifestyle changes to get the scale moving in the downward direction.

As a Registered Dietitian I have helped countless individuals identify and implement lifestyle changes which resulted in weight loss. Here are some simple diet and lifestyle changes from two men whom I worked with on weight loss. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds consider these strategies on your journey to regaining your health.


Starting his own accounting business was exciting and time consuming, leaving Patrick little time for anything else. This new schedule of working 7 days a week left him feeling run down. As a result he started snacking to keep up his energy during the long days. His go-to snacks were usually chips, cookies, nuts or granola bars. After a long day he didn't have much motivation to cook a balanced meal so he usually turned to convenient options such as pizza or burritos. As his business took off, so did his weight. Over a period of 6 months he gained 15 pounds, which for his 5'9 frame did not go unnoticed. Patrick's clothes no longer fit and he didn't feel comfortable in his skin. He was ready to make a change!

3 Lifestyle Shifts Patrick Made Which Resulted in Weight Loss

  1. Walked his dog for 30 minutes before work, 5 days a week. This helped get him moving first thing in the morning. His ultimate goal was to switch from walking the dog to running once he dropped some weight.
  2. Cut out all snacking. He shared, "I needed to get comfortable with being a little bit hungry."
  3. Ate 3 meals a day, only 1 helping at each meal, and included a vegetable at both lunch and dinner.

Because Patrick was committed to consistently following through with these changes he experienced success. Over the next 8 months he lost the 15 pounds he had gained. He felt better about his body and really appreciated the increased energy he had as a result of the weight loss. Better yet, he felt lighter which added to his motivation to start running with his dog in the mornings.


Darren watched his dad struggle with weight issues and type 2 diabetes for most of his life. So when he found out he had prediabetes and was confronted with the reality of being almost 100 pounds overweight he knew he needed to do something. He decided to sign up for the Diabetes Prevention Program offered at our clinic. The program provided evidence-based information through weekly meetings and focused on weight loss and increasing planned physical activity. Darren shared that he really appreciated the accountability and structure. He knew he needed to make a change for a long time but wasn't sure where to start. He also appreciated that the program was evidenced based and focused on changing his lifestyle and not following another fad diet. Darren attended class weekly and tracked his food and activity daily, following a reduced calorie and fat gram budget. His hard work paid off. He lost 60 pounds in 7 months!

3 Lifestyle Shifts Darren Made Which Resulted in Weight Loss

  1. Consistently tracked everything he ate or drank from Day 1 of the program.
  2. Cut back on portions at meals. He and his wife started preparing lower fat dinners which helped him cut back on total fat intake (and thus, total calories intake).
  3. Switched from drinking "whatever he wanted" to only having 2 pints of beer on Saturday nights.

As Darren started to feel lighter, his motivation increased and he started adding in some exercise. He started slow with 20 minute sessions of strength training 3 days a week. As his workouts got easier, he felt strong enough to get back out and start hiking on the weekends. Last time we talked he was planning to go hunting this fall - something he "hadn't done in years."

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Joanna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator with a passion for supporting individuals as they move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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