5 July 12 MyNetDiary Mid-Year Check-In – Success Stories

Now that 2012 is half over, we would like to hear from our members about how their journeys are progressing. We are asking that members who would like to share their stories and have them featured on our blog, please send in your responses to the questions below and a before/now photo(s). Please send them to marketing director and blog editor, Ryan Newhouse, at rnewhouse@4technologies.com.

1. What made you decide to lose weight? What was the moment that made it "real"?

2. What diets or programs have you tried in the past? What results did you see with those?

3. Tell us how you have made progress so far in 2012. What specific changes did you make to your daily routine and lifestyle to achieve success? What strategies did you employ to make calorie tracking work for you?

4. How had MyNetDiary been instrumental in your achievements so far?

5. What roadblocks did you face while losing weight?

6. When did you start seeing results? What will be your definition of success?

7. What do you do when you start feeling yourself slipping?

8. What have been the biggest improvements in your life since losing weight?

9. How long have you kept off your lost weight?

10. Please share with the MyNetDiary Community your top three tips to help them on their journeys!

Selected responses will be published on the MyNetDiary blog. You will be notified if your story is chosen. By submitting your responses and photo(s) you are agreeing to allowing MyNetDiary to publish the materials online and in print, if we choose.

Ryan Newhouse

Ryan Newhouse is the Marketing Director for MyNetDiary and writes for a variety of publications. He wants you to check out MyNetDiary on Instagram!

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