22 September 10 MyNetDiary Releases Calorie Counter PRO for Android

Following the course laid down by the elegant and easy-to-use diet apps for iPhone, iPad and Blackberry, MyNetDiary released a comprehensive and instant calorie counter for Android owners.

Just like when using MyNetDiary.com or any of the other MyNetDiary diet apps, the Calorie Counter PRO for Android allows fast access to a 300,000+ foods database and the ability to instantly search and log your meals.

With the MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO for Android, you can track up to 35 nutrients, your body measurements, exercises and plan for weight loss either by setting a target date, target weight or keeping to a specific weight-loss rate.

For incredible food logging convenience, you can also use the integrated barcode scanner to scan the UPC label from your packaged food, snack or drink.

Available from the Android Market for $2.99, the MyNetDiary Calorie Counter PRO has no ads and is built from a proven, solid program. Check it out here!

Ryan Newhouse

Ryan Newhouse is the Marketing Director for MyNetDiary and writes for a variety of publications. He wants you to check out MyNetDiary on Instagram!

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