MyNetDiary vs. LiveStrong

We are proud of the diet service we created at MyNetDiary, and rightly so. We have worked to build the best tools and program in the world so people can succeed with their weight goals, and we are very passionate about creating awesome software.

With this in mind, we wanted to put up a comparison against some of the competing apps on the market and highlight where we think MyNetDiary is truly better. Here we compare MyNetDiary Pro vs. LiveStrong.

Screenshots above are taken on 1/3/2012. You can see how highly MyNetDiary is rated by our users!


While both apps cover the basics: including basic diet planning and food and exercise tracking, and both provide a companion website for online tracking, the apps become very different once they reach beyond the basics.


Food Database – LiveStrong advertises having over 1.3 million foods in its database and MyNetDiary has 977,000. But here's the scoop: LiveStrong allows anyone to create or edit foods in the database, which is great for growing database size quickly, but it results in many duplicate and out-of-date foods. Simply, no one can keep this huge database up-to-date. And truthfully, THERE ARE NOT 1,300,000 different foods we eat on this planet!

MyNetDiary provides 977,000 foods database, and only our team can make changes in this database, improving the food's accuracy and relevancy. Additionally, MyNetDiary Pro for iPhone provides awesome PhotoFood Service – for foods that are not in the database or out-of-date you can send their photos directly from MyNetDiary's iPhone app, which will be verified and entered by MyNetDiary's professional data entry team, resulting in higher quality database.

Food Entry – MyNetDiary instantly searches as you type, remembers your previous searches, remembers your servings, and even corrects typical typos. Food entry in MyNetDiary is the fastest and simplest in the world, saving you time and effort every day.

For the ultimate ease of entry, MyNetDiary uses a high-quality barcode scanner.

Offline ModeMyNetDiary works great offline, without Internet connection, and then syncs to our website and other mobile apps when Internet is available. You can track your foods and all other information anywhere, at any time, without having to worry about your connection.

Analysis and Feedback – MyNetDiary provides comprehensive analysis of your diet, foods, nutrients, pointing out problematic foods, nutrient deficiencies, providing recommendations, it even provides special Food Score to help you compare foods, helping you eat better and make better choices – it's like having a personal dietitian always with you!

Comprehensive – MyNetDiary tracks up to 45 nutrients, tracks body measurements, vitamins, notes, provides many charts and reports. And MyNetDiary keeps it simple – all these features are there when you need them! Livestrong tracks only calories and three macronutrients.

Diabetes Tracking Options – if you are pre-diabetic or have diabetes, MyNetDiary provides tools for diabetes tracking, including blood glucose, medications, and insulin tracking, support for net carbs counting and diabetes carb count, as well as special reports and charts. The diabetes tracking is available in a special iPhone app, or, with MyNetDiary Premium subscription – in the free app and online.

Comparing Features and Benefits

To illustrate more of the differences between MyNetDiary and LiveStrong, we've put together a special chart. MyNetDiary clearly has many more useful features, but they are well-designed and not cluttered. The most frequent word in user reviews of MyNetDiary is "easy". Everything is easy and everything is there, in MyNetDiary, when you need it.

Feature MyNetDiary Calorie Tracker – LIVESTRONG.COM
Recognized name in weight loss Not yet well-known, but we are making something that people love. Great brand, LIVESTRONG licensed by Demand Media, Inc. (NYSE: DMD) from the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Food database size 977,000 about 1,300,000
Quality of food database #1 database in the world. Ensured by our PhotoFoods service – if a food is missing or not up-to-date, send us its photos from the MyNetDiary Pro iPhone app and we will enter or update all nutrients. Relies heavily on user-contributed foods; only some foods are "LiveStrong Verified"
Available on other platforms online, Android, BlackBerry online, Android, BlackBerry
Barcode scanner High-quality scanner! No
Offline Mode Yes (includes a large offline database, only charts and barcode scanning need Internet connection). Allows entry of foods you ate recently.
Fast search and food entry Searches as you type, remembers your previous searches for faster entry No
Charts Weight chart, calories deficit chart, macronutrient charts, measurements charts Only weight chart
Customized recommendations, how to eat more healthfully Yes No
Food time tracking (important to keep track of smaller meals) Yes No
Nutrients tracked Up to 45 8
Specifying target macronutrient ratio and tracking actual ratio (important for low-carb and low-fat diets) Yes No
Recipes (important to save your time during food entry, to re-use them over and over) Yes No
Fitbit and Withings integration Yes (with MyNetDiary Premium subscription) No
Support for metric system and kiloJoules Yes (kJ supported on Food Label and Custom Food screens) No
Optional PIN code protection Yes No
Diabetes Tracking – blood glucose, insulin, meds, special charts, and reports Diabetes Tracker app or with Premium subscription No

User Reviews

MyNetDiary Pro has a stellar 5-star average rating. We selected a few of many thousands reviews of MyNetDiary Pro on the App Store.

I've been converted

I have been using the Lance Armstrong endorsed "Livestrong" app for tracking my food intake for about a year. I felt something was missing. There was!!!! Everything "MyNetDiary" has is missing from the "Livestrong" app. I love being able to see the nutrition summary. I can create my menu for the day and tweak it if the "cholesterol or fat" intake goes over the daily allowance giving me the opportunity to make healthy choices.
I can view the multi-vitamin as a food and it populates vitamins still needed that I can get from fruits and veggies. I love the report showing what foods spiked my sodium intake allowing me to adjust. I LOVE the food grade. It helps me make better choices. I am motivated to continue as for the first time I feel like I am in control while learning about my body. I couldn't say what more I would want from this app, as it has everything I need.

By CaptivatingImpressions – Version 3.40 – Jan 27, 2012

Awesome app – really usable

This app is SO much better than the Livestrong app. This one actually let's you create goals and follow your progress. I used it as a nutritional tool while I was pregnant, and now I am using it to help me lose the remaining pregnancy weight. I highly recommend it. I would give up every other app I have before I'd let this one go.

By Steph RC – Version 3.32 – Nov 21, 2011

This is the one...

I have counted calories for years (it works), and this app comes closest to the simplicity of a paper record while offering the benefits of database and analysis. The barcode scanner is easy to use. The designers clearly have thought about ease of use and clarity in organizing screens. Other apps I have tried are enarmored with bells and whistles, with the result that the user has to probe through layers of menus and pretty graphics, often not logically designed. This one means business and wastes little time. Importantly, it works off-line and does not require (or breathlessly encourage) that the user join a "community" to share his or her dietary habits. Who does that who has a life to live? This app is for focused users determined to get -- or keep -- their weight under control.

by dhabercom2 – Version 3.32 – Dec 8, 2011

The best one out there!

So much better that Calorie Count, Livestrong and MyFitnessPal, which are either scattered or crash frequently.

by Paul Volcheff – Version 3.32 – Dec 5, 2011

Amazing app

Definitely five stars. Easy to use large database of foods. Especially like the barcode scanner, and ability to add recipes. As a physician I love this app. I recommend this to all my patients interested in losing weight. I have lost 50 lbs using the app.

by Dr.P1 – Version 3.32 – Nov 28, 2011

Family Physician

Before I downloaded MyNetDiary I probably downloaded 10 diet/nutrition applications from the Internet and they were all disasters. This is the only one that I'm satisfied with, it's easy to use yet has great tools to help you lose weight. I especially like the ability to scan bar codes to immediately enter data that may not be on the already vast data base. I'm a Family Physician and frequently recommend MyNetDiary to my patients.

by Tom Sanderson – Version 3.32 – Nov 19, 2011