30 August 12 New Study: Weight Cycling Doesn’t Affect Ability to Lose Weight

A new study in Metabolism shows that one’s past experience with “weight cycling” (aka. “yo-yo dieting”), doesn’t wreck one’s metabolism and make it impossible to lose weight again.

A study including over 400 overweight, inactive, and post-menopausal women showed that there were “no significant differences” in an adherence to lifestyle interventions aimed at making them more healthy and lose weight.

The group of women who participated in the study had varying levels of past weight cycling, and all were placed on a 12-month diet and exercise program.

The conclusion: “A history of weight cycling does not impede successful participation in lifestyle interventions or alter the benefits of diet and/or exercise on body composition and metabolic outcomes.”

So let’s not use the mentality of a “wrecked metabolism” to keep us from trying to live healthier lives. That’s a mental block we can overcome!

Ryan Newhouse

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