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August is peach season in Colorado. In another week or so, the annual peach festival arrives and all things peach will be celebrated and consumed. Colorado western slope peaches don't hit the markets until late July and August and I am starting to see a lot of them now. Oh Happy Day!


Contrary to popular belief, peaches are no higher in naturally occurring sugars than other fresh fruits. One medium fresh peach contains about 60 calories and has about the same amount of carbohydrates found in a medium size apple or orange (about 15 grams or one carb choice for diabetes meal planning). Peaches are a good source of beta carotene (the precursor to vitamin A), potassium, and dietary fiber. They also provide vitamin C.

Organic & Local

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that grows peaches, then include fresh local peaches in your daily eating plan. You'll do your local economy a favor as well as get maximum flavor and nutritional content if the peaches don't have to hike 1000 miles before they reach your mouth. If peaches don't grow locally where you live, then buy them where you can while they are still in season.

Should you buy organic peaches? According to the Environmental Working Group, the answer is "yes." Peaches are one of the "dirty dozen"- one of the 12 fruits and veggies that contain significantly higher pesticide levels when grown conventionally versus organically. That does not mean that conventionally grown peaches will harm your health. Even if you can't afford organic, the benefits of having a plentiful variety of fruits and veggies in your daily eating plan outweigh the risks of conventionally grown produce.

Peaches are versatile – they are great in both savory as well as sweet dishes. Grilling is an especially effective way to bring out the sweet flavor of peaches. There are so many good peach recipes online – just search and you will find hundreds of recipes. Here are a few healthier recipes that I think you might enjoy.

Savory Recipes

Fiery Grilled Peach and Habanero Salsa. Cooking Light.

Pecan Crusted Turkey Tenderloin with Grilled Peach Salsa. Eating Well.

Pork Tenderloin with Grilled Peach-Ginger Chutney. Eating Well.

Savory Peach Chicken. Ellie Krieger.

Sweet Recipes

I might be a dietitian, but I still dream of the perfect peach cobbler. But even a healthier version of cobbler is still quite high in calories. Here are some recipes that might tickle your taste buds for fewer calories.

Bourbon-Glazed Peaches with Yogurt. Cooking Light.

Peach-Blackberry Compote with Basil Syrup. Eating Well.

Peach Crumble. Mayo Clinic.

Seared Figs & White Peaches with Balsamic Reduction. Cooking Light.


Don't waste peaches by letting them rot. Freeze extra peaches at their peak ripeness and then use in your favorite summer drinks.

Mango Peach Smoothie. Allrecipes.com

Peach Iced Tea. The Tea Guide Book.

Strawberry Peach Carrot Smoothie. SmoothieWeb

Enjoy your peachy month!
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD
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