Importing Recipes to MyNetDiary from iOS Web Browser and Recipe Apps

MyNetDiary can import recipes from other iOS apps, if the app provides "share" functionality.

In Safari web browser or in another recipe app (such as Paprika or AllRecipes), open the recipe you want to import and tap the Share button. In some apps, Share could be a menu option or it could be named differently, for example "Share Link."

If a recipe app does not support sharing, then importing a recipe from this app is not possible technically. As of June 2020, AnyList app does not support recipe sharing.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the share sheet. You should see MyNetDiary Recipe Import action (if you don't see it, you need to enable it following the instructions below.) Tap MyNetDiary Recipe Import while viewing a recipe in the web browser or a recipe app. This should launch MyNetDiary app and start the import process.

Enabling MyNetDiary Recipe Import action

If you don't see MyNetDiary Recipe Import action after tapping the Share button and scrolling to the bottom of the share sheet, tap Edit Actions.... Next, find MyNetDiary Recipe Import action in the list and turn on the switch next to it. You can also tap the green plus button to the left of the action name to make it one of your favorite actions. Finally, tap Done in the top right corner of the screen.

Seeing MyNetDiary Recipe Import in Apple Music and other apps

iPhone does not allow managing sharing "per-app." If you enable MyNetDiary Recipe Import action via Edit Actions... in any app, this action will be offered in all other apps.

For example, if you enable the action in the Paprika app, this action will show up in Safari, Apple Music, and other apps supporting sharing. If you turn off this action in Apple Music, it will no longer show up in Safari, Paprika, and other apps.

This is a limitation of iPhone iOS, and we hope this will be improved in future versions of iOS.

In the meantime, if you import recipes to MyNetDiary only once in a while, you can turn MyNetDiary Recipe Import action in the recipe app's Edit Actions..., then share the recipe to MyNetDiary, and then turn back off MyNetDiary Recipe Import action. This way, you can keep the Share menu clean and compact most of the time.