Lost 32lb (24%), maintained after 1467 days, diabetes and pregnancy

Before MyNetDiary
I could have not achieved it without MyNetDiary.

What made you decide to lose weight? What was the moment that made it "real"?

To me, when I hit to over 135 lbs, I felt I couldn't let it go. I had huge self-hatred by being fat and was depressed, but one sunny morning after a health check up, I felt like starting.

What diets or programs have you tried in the past? What results did you see with those?

Recording everything you ate, what exercise you did, and how much you weigh is the key. Recording helps to stop overeating (sometimes) or do more exercise (more exercise, less eating, from my experience). Even if I overeat, I can adjust in a couple of days. It's always great to see the analysis turn green!

Tell us how you have made progress so far. What specific changes did you make to your daily routine and lifestyle to achieve success? What strategies did you employ to make calorie tracking work for you?

I have been using MyNetDiary since 2009. There are times I gained weight and lost (in between, I was pregnant). I never thought I would enjoy doing exercise, but actually I do now. I feel a lot better if I do exercise (i.e. walking, yoga), I dedicate my time to yoga once a day; I try to walk as much as possible, including using stairways if I have the time.

I used to input everything before I cook and now I kind of stopped as I roughly know each calorie of the ingredients, but I still keep all records. However whenever I start gaining weight, I go back to the basics: measure exactly how much I eat as opposed to 'guessing.'

How has MyNetDiary been instrumental in your achievements so far?

It is the key component. I could have not achieved it without MyNetDiary.

What roadblocks did you face while losing weight?

I love eating. I got gestational diabetes and then it did not cure after the delivery. Since I have it, I practice low-carb. One downside of low-carb (to me) is that it is very tough to feel 'full'. Also, sometimes something I ate triggers binge eating.

When did you start seeing results? What will be your definition of success?

It is tough to tell. Weight is just one measurement. My definition of success is to maintain an ideal weight / fat ratio / body style for life. Perhaps my goal is to be able to listen to my body and mind that I am happy while I enjoy what I eat. Better or worse, you are what you eat, really.

What do you do when you start feeling yourself slipping?

I tried to say myself that you eat as if there is tomorrow as supposed to eat as if there is no tomorrow.
Show myself in the mirror and measure weight / fat ratio.
Wear some tight clothes the next day after I ate too much.

What have been the biggest improvements in your life since losing weight?

I could have my wedding at a normal weight and could keep a healthy weight during my pregnancy.

How long have you kept off your lost weight?

In normal BMI range since I started using MyNetDiary. Now I am the bottom of normal BMI range.

Please share with the MyNetDiary Community your top three tips to help them on their journeys!

  1. Record everything honestly.
  2. Eat well and enjoy good food and do exercise.
  3. Be happy. Stress is one of the biggest enemies.