Julia Orr

Lost 33 lb (20%) and maintained after 860 days

I really can't imagine I'd have been as successful without MyNetDiary.
Not only the tracking, but the community and the Nutritionist on staff are amazing - so knowledgeable and motivational.

What made you decide to lose weight? What was the moment that made it "real"?

The day I had to buy size 14 pants to sit comfortably all day at my office job. I was 39 and decided that there was no way I was going to turn 40 and be unhappy with myself anymore! The next day I started counting calories. A few weeks later, I started exercising at home to videos. That's when I started using MyNetDiary.

Before MyNetDiary

What diets or programs have you tried in the past? What results did you see with those?

I really hadn't tried to lose weight before. Most of my life I'd be relatively thin, but the weight crept on slowly over the years (and then the last 15 pounds or so when I quit smoking in 2009).

Tell us how you have made progress so far. What specific changes did you make to your daily routine and lifestyle to achieve success? What strategies did you employ to make calorie tracking work for you?

Calorie tracking was really the key for me. It taught me just how much I should be eating, reminded me to fill myself with vegetables instead of chips (like I'd grown up doing) and helped me hone in on the right balance of carbs, protein and fats for my body.

How has MyNetDiary been instrumental in your achievements so far?

I really can't imagine I'd have been as successful without MyNetDiary. Not only the tracking, but the community and the Nutritionist on staff are amazing — so knowledgeable and motivational.

What roadblocks did you face while losing weight?

My biggest roadblock was my then-partner's lack of enthusiasm for exercising with me.

When did you start seeing results? What will be your definition of success?

I started seeing results after just a week! My definition of success is having kept the weight off for 2 years now. Once I hit my goal, it was a tough transition for "losing" to "maintaining" but I've hovered in the same 5 pound range for a long time now.

What do you do when you start feeling yourself slipping?

I go back to MND's community and read posts from those just starting out. I also like to look at my weight chart, because it reminds me how far I've come and how much I don't want to be back where I was.

What have been the biggest improvements in your life since losing weight?

I never say no to adventure anymore. Company sponsoring a 5k? Sure I'll run it! Friends want to go for a hike, or dogs want a long walk on the beach? Bring it on!

How long have you kept off your lost weight?

Almost 2 years! I still can't believe it sometimes...

Please share with the MyNetDiary Community your top three tips to help them on their journeys!

Believe in your plan. There are plateaus (long and short) and there will be setbacks that you can't explain, but the weight WILL keep coming off if you stick with it. It's all one big math problem, and if you're definitely making a deficit, the pounds will come off.

Don't totally deprive yourself of foods you like. Portion them instead. Love beer, chips or ice cream? Have it once a week and just a serving size. Adjust your daily calories to allow for it. It's much easier to stick with healthy eating if you don't feel like you're giving up everything.

Buy smaller plates and bowls. I eat meals on salad plates and snacks from rice bowls that look full with less food on/in them. Even knowing that I'm doing it, the trick still works on my brain.

Live Success Story of Kamdis: 27 lb lost

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Weight chart

Weight Plan

  • Start weight: 166lbs on 02/15/10
  • Current weight: 139.2lbs
  • Weight loss wanted: about 9.2lb
  • Timeframe:
  • Lost so far: about 26.8lb

Personal details

  • Gender: female
  • Age: 48
  • Height: 5ft 5in
  • Activity level: Sedentary

About me

Current goal: Keeping exercise motivation!
Favorite diets: Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism
Favorite activities: Running
Geographic area: California
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